Online Radio Tuner

Online Radio Tuner 2.6

Access online radio feed and capture audio

Listen to multiple online radio stations and capture the selected music from it, saving it as an MP3 file for offline playback. The utility shows current data such as the name of the station and the song being streamed, along with album art. Playlist creation is supported, as well as scheduling.

Online Radio Tuner is a program that will let you listen to internet radio stations and record the audio they broadcast.
There are many radios streaming their content free on the Internet. You can usually listen to them using your web browser. This program goes a step further – with it, you can also record the tunes that are being played. While you are listening to the radio, you will see the cover artwork for every song played, along with its name and album information. The program will record individual files for each song, building the name of the track using the name of the song and the artist who performed it, along with the radio station it has been recorded from. By default, the songs will be recorded in the folder My Music inside the My Documents directory.

The program comes with a built-in list of radio stations, categorized by genre, country, etc. Still, you can add a new radio station just by entering its URL. You can allow the program to notify everybody through your Windows Live Messenger about which song you are listening. This feature is also completely customizable.

The unregistered version of the program remains fully functional for thirty days.

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